Explore Long Island’s housing landscape

Check out our multi-family housing and development map that’s part of our new website’s interactive tools and other features.

This map lets you search by hamlet, village, city, or zip and shows you existing or proposed housing developments in the area.

A quick note – you might find some developments are listed multiple times. This is because some developments have 55+ units or affordable housing, and they could be listed additionally for each of it.

    According to this data, Long Island has:
  • 1,802 built developments
  • 155 proposed
  • 51 under construction

Of the total 1,810 that have been built, 17% of them are, or have, senior citizen housing. Around 45 percent of these are subsidized housing for senior citizens.

Nearly half of the built developments are rentals, and Nassau County comes out ahead with 53 percent of the rentals.

You can also share your housing story with us, view our calendar of hearings on proposed developments and submit hearings you know of.

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Map designed by Amanda Jasper, built by John Tomanelli II and Will Welch, with data from the Suffolk County Division of Planning and Environment – Research and Statistics Dept.