Using LI public transportation is just not realistic

Driving is the only practical option.

Leah Jackson

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Make government more accessible to Long Islanders

Nicole Reaber, a legislative aide, says there is a disconnect between local governments and young residents on Long Island.

Nicole Reaber

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I would love to stay on Long Island — but don’t see how I can

Samantha from Wyandanch says the cost of living may drive her family off of Long Island.

Samantha Lawson

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The last mile is always toughest for public transit

For public transit users, the last mile of their commute is often the most difficult to navigate.

Ernest D'Ambrose

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Help addicted Long Islanders by seeking their input

Young Long Islanders need to be stakeholders in anti-drug outreach programs if we want them to care.

George Basile

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Young Long Islander sees hope in region’s future

A visit to another school opened one high school student's eyes to the persistence of segregation on Long Island.

Mitchell M. Schwartz

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Long Island prices are forcing millennials like me to leave

The high cost of living is forcing millennials like me to consider moving away from New York.

Thomas Beverly

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Long Island is no longer a land of opportunity

The high cost of living on Long Island is driving away retirees and millennials alike.

Matt Morse

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Financial challenges continue to plague Long Island millennials

Long Island millennials benefit from proximity to Manhattan - but college debt and the rising cost of living are keeping them from succeeding.

Godson Michel

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Long Islanders share their feelings about the future

Essays from the next generation of Long Islanders on how to improve the region.

Coralie Saint-Louis

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