Tonight: What COVID-19 exposed about race on LI

Watch live Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Join our panelists for an extensive discussion and interactive Q&A as they discuss the disparities of Long Island living based on race and how COVID-19 exacerbated the situation here.

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Moderated by nextLI’s outreach and engagement manager Coralie Saint-Louis, this conversation will focus on the racial impact of COVID-19 on minority communities and features:

  • Erika Hill, Vision Street Research Owner
  • Retha Fernandez, Suffolk County Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
  • Theresa Sanders, Urban League of Long Island President/CEO
  • Pamela M. Pratt, Regal Solutions Group Owner

This event is the latest in a series of virtual panels centered around the nextLI COVID-19 research survey. The virtual events, which bring together local experts, examine the survey findings on how the coronavirus has affected the lives of Long Islanders and the pandemic’s long-term regional impacts. Join us Monday at 2 p.m. for a discussion about how the younger generations of Long Islanders responded in the survey.

Interact with our COVID-19 survey

Explore our COVID-19 survey results for yourself here. These charts are interactive and will allow you to compare how different groups answered the survey questions, across a number of different demographic groups like race, gender, county or political affiliation. Click on the blue button that says “By” and you will be provided with different options.

This latest nextLI survey, conducted by the public opinion firm YouGov, polled a total of 1,043 Long Islanders – 552 Suffolk County residents and 491 Nassau County residents – between June 22 and July 1, 2020.

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Virtual Event 1: Long Island’s COVID-19 Mood

Hear from a representative from the survey’s administrator YouGov, nextLI Data Journalist Kai Teoh and John Schneidawin of Suffolk County’s Department of Economic Development and Planning/The Millennial Leadership Coalition on the significance of the survey findings. Watch here.

Virtual Event 2: COVID-19 Attitudes About School

Hear from a panel of education and technology professionals who will discuss the concerns Long Island’s parents voiced about the upcoming school year and how to ensure learning continues despite the pandemic. Watch here.