Questions from the event

NextLI received more than 170 text-message questions from the audience at a Long Island Association event on May 10 about the findings of our survey of Long Island’s young adults – excluding a few funny ones about Taylor Swift and Star Wars.

That is a lot of questions. So we thought we should share with all of you what to expect from us in the coming days and weeks regarding them.

What’s next

We will be combining some of the questions and grouping them into three separate categories – methodology, data and policy. This means there won’t be 176 questions, or posts, but no question will be left unanswered.

Methodology and data questions

We’ll be able to answer the methodology questions fairly quickly, and then we’ll start answering the data questions in our daily posts.

This will give us the time to dig into the questions a little more thoughtfully and allow us some time to do more research as well.

Policy questions

The policy questions are the most fascinating ones – many people want to know what’s the next step they can take now that they are armed with some data – and we love that.

That is a large part of this project’s goal, empowering our readers with data so that they can move things forward.

With those questions, we plan on posting the question (and when possible, include relevant data or research) and opening up and encouraging conversation about what possible next steps could be.

We will also be reaching out to various groups and officials who have a track record of answering these policy issues and inviting them to write essays on it.

And if any of you would like to write an essay on these questions when we post them, we would love to hear from you. You can email Coralie Saint-Louis and discuss your essay idea with her.

Tell us

What questions did you have from the event?