nextLI Upcoming Survey: Long Island after coronavirus

In June, nextLI will canvass Long Islanders about their views on how the coronavirus pandemic will permanently affect the region. YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, will survey attitudes about potential changes to every aspect of life on the Island. Participants will be asked about the economy, childcare, education, the environment and more. YouGov previously conducted nextLI’s inaugural research survey about the next generation of Long Islanders.

The questions are currently being designed and your input is welcome. Email nextLI@newsday.com to share your insights on the long-term impact of COVID-19 on Long Island.

nextLI will also launch a Long Island Post-COVID-19 Task Force on Slack to host conversations about reimagining life after the pandemic. Discussions will be centered around the survey findings and will serve as a hub for innovative ideas for the future. You can request to join the Task Force by emailing nextLI@newsday.com.

Data dive

  • nextLI data journalist Kai Teoh dove into Google’s location history data to see how Long Island’s movements have changed since the pandemic began. While Nassau and Suffolk County residents seem to act similarly, there are still slight differences between our two counties. Read more about these findings here.
  • The 2020 Census will determine federal funding in our communities for the next decade, including funding to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Highway Planning and Construction programs. It is absolutely vital that we get an accurate count of Long Islanders. Have you filled out your Census form yet? Check out how the region’s response rate so far compares to the rest of the state here.


  • Listen to episodes of “Life Under Coronavirus,” Newsday’s podcast on the pandemic. It’s a look into how Long Islanders are meeting the challenge of COVID-19. Each episode features a Long Islander talking about his or her experience under disease lockdown with a focus on what people are doing to help.
  • Read CityLab’s piece chronicling the long history of blaming urban areas, rather than economic factors, for physical and moral ills and how density can be an asset for fighting coronavirus.
  • As the coronavirus continues to affect your life, describe how you feel in one word here. So far most respondents have had an unsurprising answer: anxious.
  • Learn more about the Rauch Foundation, who founded the Long Island Index and supports nextLI through a charitable project grant, featured in Philantropy New York in “Could the Rauch Foundation Change Long Island? Only by Changing Itself.