Introducing: A brand-new website for nextLI

A new next.newsday.com

The refreshed site reflects our mission — to be a forum for Long Islanders to shape the future of the region. New features like conversation threads, a comprehensive calendar and interactive tools make it easier to discuss ways to make Long Island a competitive, affordable and welcoming area.

Now come with us on a tour of our new home …


nextLI is above all a community. The comments you share are now central on the homepage so other members of our group can easily see and respond to current conversations.

Data Posts

Every week, nextLI data journalist Kai Teoh will break down numbers that touch your life daily. Topics like commuting, cost of living and health are all broken down to the most local level available. Reliable data is the centerpiece of good conversation and good policy, and nextLI will deliver it in a digestible way. On posts that especially hit home to you, please share your perspective in the comment space below the piece so our community can see how the data relate to experiences here.

Data Dives

An economic indicator is a data point used to interpret and evaluate the overall health of an economy. This snapshot is based on government-collected numbers analyzed to see how a region, in this case Long Island, compares over time and with other nearby regions and nationally.

It’s also a word rarely heard in everyday conversation. That’s why we renamed these extremely important measures Data Dives. This is where you’ll find all of the key Census numbers for Long Island in one place. It’s worth bookmarking.


nextLI will feature many points of view. The site welcomes voices with fresh perspectives on how the nation’s oldest suburb can transition to the future. Please accept our invitation to share your experiences about what it is like to build a life a Long Island. Submit essays directly through the button on the site or by emailing nextLI@newsday.com


Throughout 2020, nextLI will be launching new maps that visualize our Island — by school districts, service provider boundaries, the demographics of each municipality and more. It’s more data to empower your ideas about what the future should look like here.

The first to go live is the multi-family housing and development map. It lists every existing and proposed multi-family development and includes key dates for meetings about upcoming developments. It’s also a place to share your stories about finding a home on Long Island.

Videos and Updates

The nextLI team is out on Long Island every week at meetings and events. Here is where you’ll find video or written coverage of what you may have missed and it’s a place for you to share your thoughts on what took place.


A one-stop shop for all the civic happenings on Long Island. You can both view events and submit your own to be featured.

And of course …

nextLI will continue to commission high-caliber research like our inaugural survey of the next generation of Long Islanders. Our new research projects will be featured on the site and the nextLI community will be invited to participate in them, from conception to presentation of the findings.

We look forward to spending 2020 with you on our new site. Happy new year!

– The nextLI team