Explore our latest survey: COVID-19 views by race

Explore our new COVID-19 survey results below, where answers of Long Islanders were broken down by race and analyzed. See the responses by age here.

On vaccines –

  • 14% of white respondents and 12% of Asian respondents have been vaccinated, compared to only 8% of Hispanic and 8% of Black or African American respondents.
  • 53% of Hispanic LIers responded “No” or “Not sure” to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 35% for the white respondents, 44% for Black or African American respondents and 39% for Asian respondents.

Have you gotten vaccinated for the Coronavirus, or not?

(If not vaccinated) Do you plan to get vaccinated for the Coronavirus, or not?


White population “No” or “Not sure”


Black population “No” or “Not sure”


Hispanic population “No” or “Not sure”


Asian population “No” or “Not sure”

On downtowns –

  • More white and Asian respondents visited downtowns at least once a week pre-pandemic, compared to Black or African American and Hispanic respondents .
  • With the exception of going downtown for entertainment, Black respondents visited downtown businesses far less than other groups during the pandemic.
  • A greater percentage of white respondents are looking forward to revisiting downtowns compared to other groups and 95% of white respondents are very or somewhat concerned about local businesses surviving the pandemic, compared to 84% to 88% for other racial and ethnic groups.
  • Hispanic respondents were the least pessimistic about the current state of LI’s downtown businesses.
  • Asian respondents felt the least strongly about the importance of downtowns to quality of life on Long Island.

Are you frequenting those businesses in person more than you did before, about as much, or less than you did before the Coronavirus pandemic? (Black respondents)

Restaurants, bars or cafes


less than before (Average: 86%)

Shop at local retailers


less than before (Average: 79%)

Obtain services downtown


less than before (Average: 82%)

Visit people that live there


less than before (Average: 83%)

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, how often would you visit one of Long Island´s downtown areas to shop, frequent bars, restaurants or cafes, be entertained, do other business or visit people that lived there?

How concerned are you that local businesses will be able to successfully remain in business until the pandemic is fully under control?

When the Coronavirus pandemic is no longer a threat, is visiting local downtown areas something that you are looking forward to doing, or not?


White population “Yes”


Black population “Yes”


Hispanic population “Yes”


Asian population “Yes”

If you had to guess based on your experience and what you´ve heard, would you say that business being conducted in Long Island´s downtowns is:

On economy/development –

  • 77% of Black or African American respondents support redeveloping empty malls into mixed use developments, compared to 64% to 69% of other racial and ethnic groups.

Outside of local downtown areas across Long Island there are vacant commercial buildings that used to house major retailers. Do you support or oppose redeveloping these empty malls or strip centers into mixed use developments of both retail and residential?


White population “Support”


Black population “Support”


Hispanic population “Support”


Asian population “Support”