Tool: Can you afford to live here?

nextLI’s inaugural research survey found that 36% of Long Islanders ages 18 to 34 consider housing costs to be a main drawback of the region, with young adults telling us that 67% plan to move to a more affordable place in the next five years. The survey also found widespread support for more variety in the types of housing built on Long Island, as well as lower costs.

With the hope of empowering our audience with more data to help you assess the local housing situation, we built this housing exploration tool to provide median housing costs in your area and allow you to compare the costs to neighboring towns and villages.

It’s powered by Census data and uses the federal government’s official list of designated places to drill down to Long Island’s hamlets, villages and cities. There are some caveats – some communities are so small that the data can’t draw an accurate picture.

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